Mike “Agent X” Life Party | STAY True Detroit Edition 2.0

Celebrate “LIFE PARTY” House Music for Detroit. Music celebration in Detroit at Northern Lights Lounge.

Come party with us and celebrate Life on Friday, September 27, 2019.


Mike “Agent X” Clark
Strictly Beatdown Recordings

Celebrate “LIFE Party” Featuring
House Music | Minimal | Tech – House | Disco | Funk | Latin | Afro

Music by:
Mike Clark
Tony Nova


DR. Tingle Fingers – Percussion
Mary Jackson – Percussion
Scratch 9 – Percussion

Friday, September 27, 2019.
Northern Lights Lounge 10pm – 2am
660 W Baltimore St, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Mike Clark dubbed Detroit’s “Ambassador” of Underground Music

Yeah Man!

Today, Mike has been dubbed Detroit’s “Ambassador” among the city’s underground music community and those that know him well.

This is exactly what makes the Agent the essential DJ. His level of understanding and appreciation in the industry places him at an immediate advantage – one could say that Clark is the anthropologist of the dance floor. Born on the north-end of downtown Detroit and raised on the West side off the infamous 7 Mile Road, to an energetic mother and musical father he was surrounded by the electrifying energy of the Jazz, Funk and the Disco era. Heavily influenced by this at the early age of 13 Mike took a serious interest in the DJ world.

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Dynamite: Mike Agent X Clark Drops The Heat

This is a huge record! Detroit veteran Mike “Agent X” Clark’s appropriately titled “The Heat” sounds like a monologue from a Blaxploitation film because it is. It’s from the 1974 Gilbert Moses film Willie Dynamite – a film that made the world realize you could actually make a “nuanced” movie about a pimp. Rosco Orman stars as Willie Dynamite, and the peacock title character lends his name and wit to Clark’s “The Heat” (Willie Dynamite edition). Clark edits the dialog for maximum effectiveness with a rhythm section that bounces and hangs low, ready to pop.

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