Artist Bio | Mike Clark (Agent X)

Mike Clark (Agent X)

Detroit native and resident, Mike Clark, best known as Agent X, is one of those quiet ones to watch out for… behind the decks. With over 35 years of experience in the music industry, his laid back demeanor is a cover for the deeply passionate love of music that ranges from Jazz to Disco, House Music to Funk. As one of the pioneers in the DJ generation that invented scratching, trim and edits his contributions to the music scene reach far and wide.

His calling to DJ started at the tender age of thirteen, Mike was introduced to the DJ lifestyle by his older brother and took to the decks seriously by the time he was fourteen. Destiny brought him all the way about after a sports injury changed the direction of his professional career.

Embracing the new path life took him on; Agent X played the true underground scene, DJing at all forms of parties and events, learning everything he could about the equipment that would lead him to work with the Who’s Who of the House Music Industry. Never one to shy away from technical challenges that all DJs face, he invites them: “… because the challenging part is to play and make it all look fun and easy no matter what the issue” is how he approaches the adventure of playing to a live crowd.

His passion for gadgets and creating sounds that bring and keep music lovers on the dance floor keep him in touch with the dancers. “There is nothing on earth better than playing a personal favorite on a super system and everyone is enjoying it as much as you.

That’s excitement! The response of the people when it’s better than you expect”, Mike admits as he stops to think of artists who move him. Inspired by such producers as Josh Milan, Louie Vega, Richard Earnshaw, Joey Negro, Amp Fiddler, Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder, Afronaut, Mark De Clive, Kaidi Tathem and Earth, Wind and Fire, he joins in the journey of getting lost in the music and “hears … those chords change and invert… it gives me goose bumps.”

During his extensive career, Mike has taken on DJing, production, remixing, live performances and engineering live DJ sets for such colleagues as Derrick May, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Eddie Folks, Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Electrifying Mojo, Theo Parrish, Charles Spencer, Dj Romain, Colonel Abrams, Leroy

Burgess, Carolyn Harding, Kem, Randy Muller, Louie Vega, Steve Hurley, Jesse Saunders,  AMP Fiddler, Kevin Saunderson, UR Inner City, Maurice Joshua, Oscar P, Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Phil Asher Afronaut and Kid Rock as the world of music revealed itself to be his true calling.

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